TOLEDO’S THREE Ls Lamson’s, The Lion Store, and Lasalle’s


Discover the rags-to-riches story of Joseph L. Hudson, the culinary delights of Hudson’s restaurants, and the stories of people that made it all happen – right here in Detroit. This is the story of The J. L. Hudson Company.

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Join department store historian Bruce Allen Kopytek in this history of Jacobson’s, a beloved Michigan institution for over 100 years. Winner of the Michigan Notable Book Award for 2012. Reenter these marvelous stores and meet the personalities who transformed Jacobson’s from its humble Reed City origins to a staple of sophistication throughout Michigan and into the rest of the country. The brainchild of a retail genius, this deluxe specialty store gave customers a peerless social, shopping and dining destination. Experience anew the refined beauty of its Williamsburg-style Grosse Pointe store, the chic designer world of its Birmingham ensemble, or the charm and allure of its original Florida branch in Sarasota, revealing the secrets which made Jake’s the dazzling store it was, and why it remains so profoundly missed by anyone who entered through its solid wooden doors.

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