The D&C Lake Lines and the Fabulous Luxury Liners of the Great Lakes

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The Great Lakes have always been one of America’s most precious and fruitful natural assets. Whether for commerce or recreation, the lakes and the straits that connect them have imparted a special character to the communities along their banks and beyond. Step aboard and take a look at the fascinating world of steam travel in the first half of the twentieth century, when majestic luxury liners were a regular sight on this, one of the world’s great waterways.
Along the voyage, you’ll meet the genius naval architect that directed their design and construction, the businessmen that commissioned and operated them, and the passengers who enjoyed the sumptuous comforts they provided to travelers.
Look back in amazement at a glittering world of steam, speed, and luxury that has all but disappeared from our lakes and rivers today—and along the way, enjoy a greater understanding of these forgotten wonders of our maritime heritage.

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A new novel by Michigan author Shana Osler, Set on the Mackinac Island of 1899.

Atonement, escape, reckoning, advancement — each character in this adroitly woven tale ventures to Mackinac Island with a different expectation for the summer season of 1899. Some came to make amends or say goodbye, others to enjoy their summer cottages or the sprawling elegance and social promise of Grand Hotel. They came to bask in the cool lake breezes, to dance and play and relax. They arrive with no notion how two months on Mackinac Island will profoundly change their lives.
One of them never leaves.