Crowley’s: Detroit’s Friendly Store


Discover the rags-to-riches story of Joseph L. Hudson, the culinary delights of Hudson’s restaurants, and the stories of people that made it all happen – right here in Detroit. This is the story of The J. L. Hudson Company.

Published by The History Press

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Operating in the shadow of the enormous and world-renowned J. L. Hudson Company, Crowley’s earned Detroit’s trade with fine merchandise and good service, all in an atmosphere that made it the Motor City’s “friendly” department store. Generations of customers still hold Crowley’s close in their memories, fondly recalling the store’s ancient wooden escalators, fashionable merchandise and special events like “Breakfast with Santa.” Wander back in time with historian Bruce Allen Kopytek through the venerable old store and its suburban branches to discover all the things that made Crowley’s such a special retail destination.

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